Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket square has been a centre for commerce and trade since the early 1800’s. Where the then local farmers and animal breeders came to sell their wares, thereby creating a strong local economy.
Over the following 100 years this trade was moved to a bigger location, now known as The Grand Parade and Greenmarket Square was developed into a centre of commerce, insurance and banking mostly it seems.
By the time the Art Deco was era was in full flow most of the square was surrounded on all side by the glorious edifices that you see today.
In 1961 the square was declared a National monument.
Today, of course, these monuments to a bygone age of splendour are mostly residential.
Greenmarket Square is open daily except for National public holidays and Sunday.

Greenmarket Square masks

The bustling market today boasts the finest selection of artefacts, fabrics and furniture from the whole of the sub-Saharan continent including masks from Senegal and Zimbabwe, fabrics and jewellery from the Ivory coast and so much more.

Greenmarket Square Dolphins
There are a number of delightful coffee shops, juice bars and a truly eclectic array of places to eat and sit whilst watching the hustle and bustle that truly is Greenmarket Square.

Greenmarket Square shopping Scene
I strongly suggest that you include Greenmarket Square on your “to do” list when next in our beautiful city.
You will find Greenmarket Square at the junctions of Berg street and Shortmarket street.

Have a lovely time exploring and always remember to be careful with your personal belongings and valuables.

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