Being safe while you visit Cape Town

Cape Town with its 4 million inhabitants is a beautiful location to spend your holiday or free time.


To ensure a great and stress free vacation please be sure to keep these emergency numbers close to hand and remember the advice that follows:


Call 112 from your cell/mobile phone

Call 107 from any landline

Call South African Police Services (SAPS) 10111

Table Mountain emergency 0861106417


Practical security and safety advice:


As with any country in the World you should avoid carrying excessive amounts of cash (whatever the currency) at any time. There are ATM facilities all over Cape Town that can be found in banks, shopping centers, petrol stations and the like.

Please, never allow strangers to help you at any ATM.

Keep cameras, cellphones and mobile devices out of sight and never leave anything (including children) unattended.

Never go walking in deserted or dark areas alone.

When you are approached by individuals begging from you (child or adult) do not give them money, food is always acceptable and preferable.

Always park your vehicle in brightly lit areas preferably where parking guards are around.

Keep photocopies of all your valuable and important paper work in your place of residence.


Make your trip to Table Mountain safe as well as memorable:


Take a map, sensible shoes, water and a fully charged cell/mobile phone.

Never take the journey alone especially if you’re hiking the trails.

Always have a good sun block with you as well as an item of light, but warm clothing.

It can become dark very quickly so always start your return journey in plenty of time.

Leave your cell/mobile phone details and destination with the reception where you are staying.

Baboons look cute and appealing, but they are not! Do not feed them or attempt to pet them.


The variable temperatures range from 28-35 degrees Celsius in high summer (November to February), 15-18 degrees Celsius in winter (June to September) and as with most countries the spring brings the most rain; generally from July to October.


Now this may seem like an awful lot of no no’s but it’s not, most of these suggestions are really just common sense and apply to you in your day to day life at home. Simply be aware and have a great time staying with us in the Mother City.




Tony Ward.

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