Don’t miss From the Heart at Alexander Bar

We recently went to see From the Heart starring Sharryn Fourie and Andy Lund at the very hip Alexander Bar. They have a theatre upstairs which features a variety of performances every week. On the Saturday night that we went there were quite a few performances indeed. We arrived early to enjoy a drink and some theatre goers were just exiting their performance while the next group was getting ready to make their way up the stairs.


Alexander Bar is obviously very popular and frequented by an eclectic mix of patrons. Service was efficient and we quite enjoyed the hustle and bustle. We bumped into some friends enjoying a bottle of red wine with their meal or is that a meal with their red wine? I can never tell. I was told that on a quieter evening it is not uncommon for patrons to converse with each other using the old phones to be found on every table. And you can also use them to order your drinks from the bar staff.  Very civilized indeed and more than a little camp!


Our show started at 9 pm and we started making our way upstairs at around 8.55 pm. The theatre upstairs seats probably around 30 people, if I had to take a guess, and although the venue is small we never felt claustrophobic or cramped.


The show itself was stunning. Sharryn Fourie and Andy Lund were both amazing and they took us on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Suffice to say they received a standing ovation. I am always quite reluctant to commit to an evening at the theatre as I don’t enjoy the “stuffiness” of the experience. But I will definitely return to the Alexander Bar. The show was less than an hour long based and based purely on my experience with From the Heart I will give the other shows a chance. We shall see.


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From the Heart offers a glimpse behind the glamour, at the courage needed to be the supporting player to a superstar. Adapted from the book by June Carter Cash, From the Heart is a collection of defining moments in the life of a girl who was born into country music royalty. From little Junie, who talked too much and swung on the stage curtains, to the woman who finally got country music’s ultimate bad boy, Johnny Cash, to walk the line.

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